Here’s a little story…

Part 1

I’m working on a new book called Mozart 42 which is about a secret society called the ‘Order of Wolf’. The story involves a little bit about MI6 and the CIA. Recently, I’ve there’s been a number of email exchanges between Nigel, my co-writer and cousin, and I about these various government agencies. MI6 and the CIA were’t in the original plot I devised but Nigel though it a good idea to involve them in a small way.

Part 2

My website usually get a small number of hits each week and all of a sudden I start to get hundreds of hits a day. Most of the IP addresses are hidden but some are from the USAISC (Cyber Command) and 745th Electronic Systems Group.

Website here

Part 3

Now, am I being paranoid? There are several questions…

  •  It happened at the same time my cousin and I started emailing about government agencies. Coincidence?
  • Why are a lot of the IP addresses hidden? I assume they are using something like TOR.
  • Why is the amount of time at the website registered as 0? I assume it because it’s done by automated systems.

So, I’m I being paranoid? One answer could be that the site is being hit by a robot program using something like TOR. This is generating multiple IP address from all over the world, some of which just happens to be government owned ISPs. I have checked what happens when you go to the site using TOR and it does say the hit comes from some pretty obsecure locations – normally it would show me as Newcastle. None of my emails are encrypted and I attach my book for Nigel to work on as an unencrypted word document. I haven’t done anything wrong. All I’ve done is mention several secret agencies.


Maybe Mozart 42 is a codeword for something? A secret government program to destroy stuff? Or, perhaps the Order of Wolf really does exist as a secret organisation? Maybe, just mentioning several government agencies is enough to trigger an investigation?

One thing’s for sure – all the paranoia is going into the sequel – Mozart 43.

The Order of Wolf… Vita et Nex

Example 2


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